Travel Advances

Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) supports travel advances related to authorized business travel for Georgia Tech personnel—from researchers to campus police. Travel advances are not offered through the Institute using Institute funds. Submit travel advance requests on the Request for Travel Advance Form (or contact GTRC at 404.894.7043). Requests must be approved before GTRC can prepare and release travel advance checks. Requests for travel advances should be submitted at least three business days before departure. Please avoid special “last minute” requests. For more information, visit Georgia Tech’s Policy Library for information on Travel Advances.  

This request form must be approved prior to preparation and release of travel advance checks.  

This form must be signed by a Dean, Director, or Chair to designate a departmental signature authority to approve travel advances for a department or laboratory. 

International Airfare 

Business class airfare for international flights that are pre-approved by an appropriate unit officer in accordance with Georgia Tech travel authorization policy may be processed directly through the Institute (Accounts Payable) using GTRC-sponsored projects that specially permit the use of business class airfare for international travel. Awards sponsored by federal or state entities or pass through funds from these entities rarely permit travel expenses that are not in accordance with institutional policy and therefore cannot be used to support this type of expense. For more information, visit the Air Transportation section of Georgia Tech’s Policy Library.