About the Georgia Tech Research Corporations

These 501(c)(3) organizations are the contracting entities and supporting organizations for research at Georgia Tech. They promote research through stewardship of funds for sponsored research and financial support of research activities.

The Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) supports academic and other units, including Georgia Tech’s six colleges. GTRC is also the assignee of all intellectual property created at Georgia Tech. The Office of Technology Licensing manages the Institute’s invention portfolio including licensing activities and patent decisions.

The Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation (GTARC) supports the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), a business segment of Georgia Tech focused on applied research activities.

In cooperation with Georgia Tech, the two research corporations negotiate facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, ensure compliance with federal requirements, and assist in audit compliance.

What is a Cooperative Organization? 

There are a number of separate 501(c)(3) organizations that contribute to the overall mission of Georgia Tech. These include GTRC and GTARC and also such entities as Georgia Tech Foundation (GTF), Georgia Tech Athletic Association, Georgia Tech Alumni Association, Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV), and Georgia Tech Facilities, Inc. (GTFI), to name a few.

The legal authority and operating control of such organizations are clearly defined and each has a contractual or other formal agreement that describes its relationship with Georgia Tech. Organizations designated as Cooperative Organizations of Georgia Tech conduct their respective operations in compliance with the Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 6.17 – Cooperative Organizations, including the execution of a Memoranda of Understanding with the institution.

These organizations, including Georgia Tech’s two research corporations, are individually functioning entities that operate separately and in a professional, open, and responsible manner. Each organization issues separate financial statements, but the business and financial activities of each are coordinated with the business and financial activities of the Institute. 

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